Insight and analysis regarding the world around us

My blog is called "The Philipendium", covering topics in science, language, geography, and software design. In each article I seek to provide original insights that you won't find anywhere else. More than 50 stories have appeared so far.

My Books

The first book is published, with more on the way soon

My first book, You Have Died of Dysentery, is available for purchase on Amazon. My second book, written but not yet published, is based on a collection of science essays from my blog. Other books are in the planning stage.


Beautiful photos, with a focus on wildflowers and nature

I especially love to create stunning portraits of wildflowers and other plants. But I also like to explore other subject matter, especially on my travels around the world. As time goes by, I will continue to add new photos to the various sets.

You Have Died of Dysentery
The Oregon Trail

You Have Died of Dysentery!

My new book, "You Have Died of Dysentery", about the creation of the famous game The Oregon Trail, is now available for purchase on Amazon! You can read the first part of the book for free on Amazon, where you can also find more details.

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The Oregon Trail

Fire Is Not What You Think It Is

All of us have had first-hand experience with fire, and yet most of us would have a hard time describing what fire actually is. As a result, fire seems familiar and yet mysterious at the same time. Now at last you can read a clear explanation that completely unlocks the mystery!

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